Kids by their own nature are full of love through all livings being on earth. When we come into this world, we are free of concepts, labels, and judgement which create a sacred space for amazement and connection with the world. We carry within us an involuntary empathy and delight for the life’s manifestation – in a human being, leaf, ant, and flower. It’s not about how useful it is for me, or even what advantage I can take from it, but a genuine happiness in experimenting the miracle of life and its diversity.

vegetarian kid

Unfortunately, throughout our life we pass through a brainwashing process which conditioned us to see things from a limited perspective – from what is considered as normal, natural and necessary based on our culture. This is a passive learning process, where is not allowed questioning, once “everything always has been this way”. Simple as that. It takes couple of years until we forget how open to life we were before, and begin repeating the same thoughts patterns to our children.

Luckily, children exist around the world, and they remember us to back in our roots, and challenge us with deep questions that we have been robotically memorized the answers in our mind. Their visions are clear to see things as simple as they really are in its essence. Death is death, and cannot be justified. Can you remember how amazed once you were about all kinds of animals – their sound, their appearance, their family, their environment, their habits? Once It was incredible obviously for us that non-human beings are adopted with individuality, and are able to feel pain and pleasure just like us. Therefore, if our lives are precious, so are they.

I’ve seen a couple of videos of vegetarians kids from all corners of the world, but all have one thing in common: a genuine compassion for the animals. Those videos touched billions of hearts through internet, and have gone viral on the socials media. This is the power of compassion! Their words awake a sleep part of our being that have been repressed, but actually never died.  Here is a couple of heart touching vegetarian’s children videos spreading their message :


1. “I don’t like them to die. I like them to be standing up and happy.  Animals… we should take care of them, not eat them.”



2. “Pigs are nice, chickens are nice and cows are nice. I don’t like that farmers chop animal-people up.”



3. “Would you like if someone ate you? Well, then why should I eat this poor harmless animal?”



4. “When someone eats fish then the fish dies. Then the fish is not alive.”



5. “Kids know that killing is not good.”



6.”I just like animals so much, and it is really sad that animals have to die so people can eat and have food. So I’ve decided not eat animals, just eat vegetables.”



7. Killing animals is a bad thing. They don’t want to hurt us. They just want food and water, and they like us.”



8.”They’re gonna kill all the animal…”



9. “Every day cows are tortured for their milk, just for you.”




How have you felt after watching those videos? Does it vibrate in your being? How your rational mind reacted by this? No judgment. Just observe it, and remember that you are free being to decide what path to follow.  Leave a comment bellow, and share with me your thoughts.