She beats up colon cancer stage 4 by juicing carrot per 8 months!

Carrots reduce risk of cancer

Ann Cameron passed through a difficult situation in her life when she first had been diagnosed with colon cancer. A little time later, during routine examinations her doctor came out with devastating news: she was with colon cancer in stage four metastasized to her lungs.

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This strong woman had to hear the most fearful words that a human being could listen: The medicine could not save her life. Radiation no longer would be effective. Chemotherapy would not cure her. Her life was given an expiration date, two or three years, which there wasn’t any other alternative than accepting it, and move on.

Someday, in her measured life, but limitless hope, she hit upon a letter wrote by a man called Ralph Cale. On his letter he was clamming had been cured of small squamous cell cancer on his neck by simple drinking five pounds of carrot juice EVERYDAY. Not just him, but others persons with a variety types of cancer related the same positive results.

Life had left her two options: trying it and get disappointed in not having a successful result or trying it and reborn in this world again. And that possibility is worth that one were.

She wrote a book telling her story titled as “Curing Cancer with Carrots”.
She wrote a book telling her story titled as “Curing Cancer with Carrots”.

Then, during the first two weeks after starting the carrots she haven’t seen any improvement, eight weeks the tumors had stopped growing and were shrinking, four months all the lymph nodes in her lungs had returned normal, and after eight months after there was no sign of cancer anywhere in her body.

Carrots anti-cancer properties:


Carrots contains an powerful anti-oxidant called carotene – found out in colorful plant pigments some which the body turn into vitamin A -, the high vitamin A reduces free radicals present in our body that causes health damage, being the main factor that triggers most of our diseases.

Researchers recently found a natural cancer-fighting phytonutrient in this root vegetable named as Polyacetylene that help suppress the cancer development.

Studies also show that women who have a daily carrot intake are two-thirds less feasible to have a cerebrovascular accident, and also prevent the risk of prostate cancer by fifty percent.

A regular consumption of carrots strengthen your immune system, and consequently reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.  

“The day is coming when a single carrot freshly observed will set off a revolution.”

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