Vegetarianism vs Veganism: What’s the difference?

vegetarianism vs veganism


On my first episode of veganism for beginners I am going to explain the difference between vegetarianism and veganism!

Some people abstained themselves of eating meat due health benefits, some do it following their religion view, and others do it based on ethical reasons. Even though all these people have in common the fact they are not consuming meat, not necessarily all of them are vegetarians.

Vegetarians and vegans are similar in choosing no eating any kind of meat on their diet, it includes pork, poultry, seafood, turkey and chicken. However, they have unlike approaches about the consumption of animal-based products.

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The main difference between them is that the vegetarianism is a diet while veganism is a movement against animal exploitation.


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A vegetarian diet can be choice for many reasons, from health benefits to political views. Regardless the principle of who follows this diet, they will not consume meat.  However, there are the ovo-vegetarians which include eggs on their diet, but no dairy. Lacto-vegetarians are those who does include dairy on their diet as milk, butter and others derivatives. Furthermore, there are the lacto-ovo- vegetarians which basically means the mix of the last two, including eggs and dairy on their consumption.

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A vegan person is who refuse to support any kind of violence to animals for ethical reasons.  This movement stand up for animals rights, since animals are sentient beings that can feel pain and pleasure just like us, and have the inherent right of freedom. They are on earth for their own purpose and their lives matters just like ours.

This movement goes beyond avoiding animal-based products – from dairy and eggs to gelatins – on a diet, but also refusing to participate in the exploitation of innocents beings for enternmiment, clothing, fooding, or tests on animals.

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what is your biggest motivation?

Do this question right now.

The motivation of your action is what will conduct you to your path.

If you believe on animals rights and you want to choose a non-violence way of living, GO VEGAN! I’ve been for years being vegetarian until now, and I couldn’t realize that I was still supporting animal exploitation every time I was eating a slice of cheese, or drinking milk, and wearing make ups that tests on animals.

After doing researching and educating myself, I was able to see the whole picture,and not anymore the convenient for myself.  When we are inserted in a culture, on belief system and fear based thoughts is not easy to maintain an awareness state of the cause-effect of our action. We can change it though! It takes time, but once you give your first step to your non-violent way of living nothing can stop you.

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